Coffee Buzz: Nu Style Cut Creators

“In many traditional cultures communal grooming was a social event where a woman could socialize and strengthen bonds between herself, other women and their families. An individual's hair groomer was usually someone whom they knew closely. Sessions included shampooing, oiling, combing, braiding, twisting adding accessories. Hair grooming of afro-textured hair was considered a very important, intimate, spiritual part of one's overall wellness, and would last hours and, sometimes, days depending on the hair style and skill required.” –Wikipedia, entry on Afro-textured hair

… And so explains the importance and camaraderie surrounding many Barbershops and Hair Salons. I’ve always been more fascinated by the fraternal aspect of most Barbershops however. They seem like places where men not only congregate to get themselves freshly groomed and have their fades lined up, but a space where they open up to one another and share their inner-most feelings about the myriad of topics from relationships (especially) to racial issues to current events. I’ve always wanted to walk into a barbershop and sit amongst men as they poured their hearts out, laughed and guffawed about the trials and tribulations of interacting with women and dating, notwithstanding my very female presence in their midst. Not to mention the men (most of them very attractive) from all walks of life, spanning all ages and income levels that frequent barbershops; their own little slice of heaven… and a sliver of celestialness for single women. Every now and again, while traipsing around downtown, I’d slow down a spell in front of a barbershop operated on Ann Street in downtown Hartford and peer inside through the window (pretending to see if the post office was open). This very same barbershop has now re-opened on 255 Main Street, 1 South and Downtown Hartford, CT and is owned and operated by Cedric Roberson.
Armed with some vitals this one particularly hot afternoon, I decided to walk inside rather than leer at the patrons, barbers, and stylists through the window and ask for one Mr. Cedric Roberson. I introduced myself, and found a very warm, low-key, and friendly gentleman who was glad to walk me to the back for a brief chat and offered me a cold bottle of water to help cool down.
I would learn that Cedric, a quiet spoken but seemingly driven Hartford business owner, has been in the business for the past 18 years and is a skilled Loctitian who oversees a few other comparable dreadlock experts, barbers, stylists, and braiders. Community and being at the helm of a positive work space seems to be of the utmost importance to Cedric. Upon walking in, I noted how quiet, clean, and cheery the space and people were.

“When we moved to Main Street, we scaled back and are just keeping the basics. We went from renting on Ann Street, to actually owning this space. We’re more visible on Main Street and there’s more foot traffic.” Cedric explained. This creates an opportunity for new comers to check them out! Nu Style Cut Creators specializes in the cultivation and maintenance of natural hair (and you all know how I laud natural hair!)… This includes braids and especially the process and maintenance of dreadlocks.
Upon browsing around the neat shop, I took in its shiny hardwood floors, a mounted flat-screen TV (turned to a sport of course), the easy flow of conversation and more importantly the display case filled with products… including PERFUME OILS AND INCENSE! I hastily made my way over. Cedric unlocked the case and allowed me to peruse and woman-handle the various scents. There were so many to choose from… so I chose about nine of them including; Amber, Frankincense, Lick Me All Over, and the aptly named and scented Michelle Obama. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Cedric Roberson is a noted spiritual and community leader, who oversees his own ministry and encourages people toward their path to enlightenment and spirituality, prompting his shop’s patrons to appreciate his presence even more!
Cedric said that appointments are gladly accepted and walk-ins welcome! Nu Style Cut Creators’ Hours of operation are Tuesday – Friday 8am – 6pm and Saturday 7am – 5pm. Credit cards are accepted!

More importantly, there is free parking!! For more information call 860.560.3600

I genuinely love discovering noted, local business owners and interesting people in the Hartford community! Makes navigating my city that much more exciting!


KohlEyes said...

Wow this is a place I've clearly missed! Sounds like a hidden gem within the Hartford community. Thanks for promoting this sound presence in the city!

Anonymous said...

it does sound nice. i really need a re-twist so i will be visiting Cedric soon. lol