Why, Yes... You May Sniff Me Now...

Some weeks ago, I opened my Yahoo! Mail and found this message in my inbox:  
I recently came across some of your reviews on Yelp and thought of someone I was introduced to a few years ago a real nice guy who lives in Hartford who sells fragrance body oils, shea butter and interesting novelties right here in Hartford. I have even seen some of their business ads posted on bus stops mostly in the Northend. His company is called Exotic Fragrance and his website is http://www.exoticfragrancestore.com.  I've purchased their China Musk (euphorious), Egyptian Musk and Baby Powder oil and they were wonderful. I thought of your review of Noor's body oils in Manchester, who I've also purchased from and this other business came to mind. Maybe you can request his samples (he sends them out free from his website or follow his contact link- I know their email is info@exoticfragrancestore.com.  He says he's going to expand his natural body care to include more natural hair and skin care! Thanks again for the witty, insightful information on your blog!
Intrigued- Firstly, because I'm stoked that folks actually read and enjoy my Yelp reviews  (a local business owner or perhaps one of his cronies did try to have a review I wrote  flagged once, to no avail but I digress), and also because I wear perfume oils everyday and go through tubs of raw shea butter as if the end of the end world were imminent... deeming it necessary to go out with guns blazing and supple skin- I visited the website via the link provided in the email. I was excited because I usually order my perfume oils off the internet from a supplier in New York, as it's hard to come across street vendors (at least around here) who sell quality oils... or who don't cut or water down their products (I'm a perfume oil connoisseur... I cannot and will not be tricked... I know a dupe when I smell it), so being made privy to the fact that there's a local person in the business of selling quality scents and other products, I emailed the vendor, Zaahir Qawi. I explained how I found his website and asked if he'd be willing to send me a few smellies to sample and so I can possibly feature his business on my blog (as I'm all for endorsing interesting local people, places, and things particularly if I become a fan). Zaahir promptly responded offering to mail me some samples... And so I waited... 
Fast forward about two weeks later... This past Saturday, I got a text from my visiting sister saying that a man had dropped off- (Yes, much to my surprise, he hand delivered it himself)- a small package with "Coffey" written across the front and that her husband had received it in my absence. "It smells really good too!" she texted.  I immediately knew what it was... and sternly instructed her to promptly put it away and not to open it. Needless to say, upon getting home I was highly impressed by what I received...  Zaahir also provided me with a small container of unrefined Raw Shea Butter. The oils are definitely high quality, heavily scented, and they last throughout the day... all good signs because, this past Monday, I went to one of my offices (The Market at 21's cafe), to do some much needed writing when a man sitting nearby interrupted me and asked, "Excuse me... I'm sorry to bother you, but what scent are you wearing??" Pow! The Egyptian Swirl was undeniable. 
I called Zaahir to personally thank him for dropping off the samples and was told he was hoping to, at some point, open up a shop in the Hartford area. In the meantime folks can order his custom blended perfume oils (he'll blend any combination you want) at ExoticFragranceStore.com "We get new scents everyday!" he assured me. If you're looking to provide an Exotic Fragrance experience to someone's olfactory organs (whether you're a Hartford local or not) I'd get on it... I know I plan on ordering more!


  1. I SO need to contact this man! Thanks for the tip Coffey!

  2. You should. I'll definitely be ordering full vials of perfume oils and some of that Shea Butter.

  3. I definitely plan on patronizing. Thanks for the tip, Coffey!