Wednesday Ear Candy: Sick Day Edition

At the beginning of the week, I could feel my body begin to buckle. I was walking around feeling like a pre-menstrual and during some instances, bloated hulk... and then those blasted sinuses of mine began to torture me. Try as I might, I could not win the good fight and they finally took me down yesterday, at one of the most inopportune times too. Nothing worse than trying to sell yourself (legally) during a meeting, with drippage working its way down your nostrils. So here I lay ... okay I'm half sitting... actually I'm leaning on my side... home for the day... just me, my neti pot and as many cups of hot, black coffee I can slurp down...  catching up on online news, and what latest offerings my favorite musical artists have brought down the pipeline this year ... I think I need my own private (male) nurse... that, a stiff shot of brandy, or septoplasty.

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