I'm Blocked: Weekend Ear Candy Edition


I've been afflicted with a horrible case of Writer's Block, much to my chagrin. In the interim, while I parse the reasons why I'm letting minor distractions cause me to lose focus, I've really been enjoying Nina Sky's new haute fashion upgrade and the latest single off of their 8-track EP (which includes a reggae tinged cover of The Cure's 'Love Song by the way). It has an Old-School, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam sound to it. I've also been silently crying broke tears of despair, because of this Etsy user's page, as I would like to order one of each of everything. ...
PeaceImages' 'Nuba' ring
Anyway, give me a minute or two... 

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  1. Nice! I used to wear bracelets like the Fela bracelets there. I thought these were expensive at $30 each, but then I saw it's actually a set of 5 for $30, which is not bad at all.