I Know Who Killed Me

... Time, life, work, lack of sleep, and various other things hindering me from laying back in the cut and collecting my thoughts. That's what is killing me.
Oh, but I have lots to share, pics to upload, anecdotes to relay. I am sooo far from spilling open. Please bear with me. I'm champing at the bit to get it all out. My belly is growing full from holding it all in!
I'll be back in a bit! My younger sister is getting married this afternoon, and I need to figure out how not to disappoint Imus. I'd hate to go looking like a nappy headed ho' so I have to go condition!
That is all! ;-)


MiraHartford said...

Sigh. Too tired to leave smart remark about sticking it to Imus, so just going to say, hope it was fun and you looked awesome!

TiffJ said...

Ohh, but little does Imus and people who share his sentiments realize, is that I LOVE being a nappy headed ho'. Well, not the ho' part. lol.