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Most people who've read this blog know that I'm a hardcore product/cosmetic/toiletry junkie, foodie, and self-described Sensualist, who partakes in Spa Days on a consistent basis, and is obssessed with skin among other things. If I find something that works well (for me anyway), then I like to share what I know. I've used a wide array of products and haven't really mentioned anything as of late. Well, let's get back into sharing ...
I recently acquired Sephora's new (to me at least) Color Play Palette. For $22.00 (they claim it has a $120.00 value), you get 36 eyeshadows, 12 different lip glosses to play with (I like to mix), 3 blushes, and bronzer. Applicators are included, but I would disregard those and use your own brushes if you have them. Free applicators rarely ever do anything but frustrate you. In any event, I'm impressed. It's a cheaper alternative to M.A.C.'s and Bobbi Brown's respective limited edition palettes, and the eye colors work similarly to Cover Girl's Eye Enhancers. A couple of which I also own. For $22.00 I think they work pretty good, and you get a lot of product to work with. I'm a firm believer in finding cheaper alternatives to the expensive brands of makeup. The drugstore has a wide array of options... particularly Loreal's H.I.P. line... There is actually a Loreal boutique at one of my local mallss, and they offer more than what you'd be able to find at the drugstore. Anyone who whines about not liking makeup or wearing makeup, or liking anyone who wears makeup etc., please kindly put a sock in it. Cosmetics are fun to play with and there's nothing wrong with a woman experimenting and enhancing her best features. It's not about hiding or covering anything up. It's about proper application and having a great time with different colors. Sometimes I watch the YouTube makeup tutorials, and the comments are ridiculous. People will watch all 10 minutes worth of a woman applying eye makeup and then will opine "She wears waaay too much makeup, she still looks ugly" or random foolishness of the like. Anyway, I tend to focus on my eyes, usually with black mascara and liner (sometimes dark navy blue cream liner), and am just getting back into wearing sheer but highly pigmented eye colors, because I'm finding the options fun and they're better than the basic matte options, plus they look great... especially on darker skin. Sephora's play palette is hot and great for the Spring/Summer. That is all. Enjoy!

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Dee said...

I thought something was wrong with my application skills 'cause of the sample applicator
but they are just poorly made
and some eye shadows are poorly made too--just not enough contrast in the quad to make it worth your while