Gene's Coffee

Overheard Friday morning, while I was standing in line at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and coffee...
Random, middle-aged White woman (standing in front of me, in line, talking to an older white man standing next to her): Gene asked me to get his coffee for him, I forgot to ask him how he takes it.
Random woman yells across at someone standing a few feet away, to my left.
Random woman: I am picking up a coffee for Gene! I forgot to ask him how he takes it! Do you know how he drinks his coffee?!
Man's voice yells: He takes it just like he takes his women! Black! The woman grows silent, and faces forward.
I smirked and frowned at the same time. I refused to turn to see where it came from, however. I felt like me snapping my head to the left was almost expected. I didn't feed into it.


Melissa said...

I need to move where you are. The people are far too amusing.

Cloistervoices said...

Wow, and double wow. People watching is a superb bloodless sport...well most of the time. Great blog btw.

Jonne Austin said...

ROFLMAO! I am sorry, but I could just see ol girl's body stiffen like it was shocked in my head. I woulda been like: the guy has good taste in coffee and women.