At work feeling lazy, abandoned (because most people had cut out early), and disheartened that the vending machine refused me a Kit Kat bar- I headed back to my desk looking for things NOT to do. The gargantuan September issue of Vogue magazine stared back at me, as if saying, "Well, smartass, you could always thumb through me, and oogle all the pretty, shiny delectables you could never afford in this lifetime."
I noticed it came with a free, supplemental magazine called Fashion Rocks. I ripped open the plastic, flipped Vogue the bird (for now), and opted for Fashion Rocks mag instead. I blew through the pages, bored and uninspired by some parts of it, sort of interested in others when an article caught my eye: Hip-Hop Heirlooms. Apparently, auction house Phillips de Pury & Company is having its first ever auction featuring personal pieces of bling from hip hop's choicest members . A category unheard of in the genteel world of high class haggling for expensive and rare items.
Diamond encrusted pieces- (many of which have such sentimental value, their owners had to think long and hard before parting with them)- such as Lil Jon's 73 carat diamond "Crunk Ain't Dead" chain- (listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest and heaviest pendant in the world and appraised at $500,000), a gold and ruby crown shaped ring owned by Tupac Shakur, and L.L. Cool J.'s diamond microphone pendant. Gems from the collections of Kanye West, P. Diddy, 50 Cent, Biz Markie, Missy Elliot, the Notorious B.I.G, and other rap notables will also be presented during the sale. A total of 50 pieces will be up for auction.
EPIC! I think the addition of this section in Phillips de Pury's catalog is a clear indication of hip hop's universal appeal and influence over popular culture and most importantly, fashion and pop art. The uptight and the narrow-minded may as well deal with that fact. In any event, A portion of the proceeds will benefit Russell Simmons' non-profit organization Rush Community Affairs.
If you have a few million dollars lying around in a duffle bag somewhere, perhaps you may want to mosey on over to 450 West 15th Street in NYC on October 1, and place your bids. Better yet, feel free to visit one of my favorite sites, Girl Props (also located on 153 Prince Street in NYC) and get this lovely little trinket for $24.99. Don't judge. It's cute and a cheaper alternative!

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