This Much I Know is True

The past week or two has been doggedly hot and humid. In the throes of a relentless heatwave, it was down right oppressive. People dragged themselves down the street. Irritability was high, a sheen of muck and moisture coated every body, morning rush hour finding those same bodies moving in slow motion. I couldn't seem to move an inch without sweating. Then came the rain, thickening the air with even more moisture. A few days ago, I sat on a crowded bus during one of the hottest, most humid days.
It reeked of burnt flesh, sweaty (and sweated-out) hair relaxer, perfume, greasy take-out sandwiches, tangy ketchup, moist bodies, bunk old wig, shitty breath, and the last remnants of deodorant before it loses its valiant fight against must and b.o. This unusual perfume left me delirious and gasping for a fresher smell, and so I pulled out the rolled up green cotton cloth I had in my purse (a co-worker described it as a "sweat rag" when she saw me patting my brow with it) and breathed in the faint but sweet smell of my Black Linen perfume oil. Then I begin to mull over a series of realizations...
I've come to realize that lately, time escapes me. Free moments are spent catching up on sleep, movies, and running errands. I haven't dedicated enough time to this medium and I miss it. Perhaps once I'm completely settled the way I need to be, I can resume some sort o regular writing groove.
I've also come to realize that when one runs into a male co-worker outside, en route to work... during rainy day, it's never wise to answer "wet" when he asks, "Hey, how are you?" It just seems like a very awkward answer to a relatively simple question... and can leave it open to lewd interpretation. Despite its innocent intention.
I realize how wonderful it is to find amusement in stupid behavior. Rather than growing agitated and angry, finding comedy in the inane is good fun.
I realize pants I wore only a year ago, are now too tight. And I don't give a shit. Because I still think I'm cute.
You know what else I know is true? That my inclination toward the sexy can sometimes be painful and uncomfortable, and so it's a great idea to carry flats with me to work, and to keep my Pumas in my bottom drawer, in the event that I forget to bring my flats.
One of the truest other things I know is that ill-fitting clothes are no match for an unfit, misshapen hulk of a body. And so the summer heat encourages bad wardrobe choices.
Summer also brings about The Crazy. Prompting folks to acquire bravado the size of Europe, so they engage in fisticuffs in the middle of the street.
I realize that I'm sick of seeing shirtless men (especially of the "beer gut" variety) stomp-strutting down the street with their tee or wife beater slung over one shoulder, and their titties jiggling and baking in the hot.
I realize that in this harsh economic climate, I'm growing greedier for money. I'm all about the money. Not anyone else's however. I rely on me, myself, and I when it comes to my livelihood. I also realize how much I love those $.99 songs on itunes.
Lastly, I realized that while I am excited and I feel good about yesterday, I can't be 100% at ease until paperwork is signed in black and white and money changes hands. So I'll continue to pay my storage fees in the meantime. But I'm thinking it's going to continue to be a productive summer!

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