Par for The Course

Dear Elliot "Mr. Clean" Spitzer or Client 9,

The fact that you, as Attorney General of New York State, once laid down the law on a call-girl ring, locked up numerous people for corruption, money laundering and prostitution, and came down HARD on Wall Street executives is commendable. In any event, and without further ado, the call-girl ring leaders you busted and the Wall Street execs you chastised asked me to deliver a message ... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's it.

P.S. the fact that you hired a high priced hooker and shamed your family are not what has people perplexed and shaking their heads with amusement. But your sense of entitlement, your arrogance, your perceived invincibility, your sheer daftness, and your hypocrisy are what reek of piss. I can't say I'm surprised though. Regardless of what team a politician plays for, essentially, they're all the same; Untrustworthy, sanctimonious, hypocritical, ironic, and inconsistent in their behavior. THESE are the reasons why people in NY and the entire Northeast think you're a douche of massive proportions. So big in fact, Summer's Eve should do a study on your stupidity. That's it.

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Anonymous said...

It's extraordinary when you get caught in your own stank like that! Now, he did break down SOME prostitution rings...just not HIS FAVORITE prostitution ring!!! He has standards, you know. I'm sure he's clean seeing as "riding bareback" was high on his list and clearly he was in need of some Valentine's Day cheer to ship a ho' on February 13. Have you no heart? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I tried not to laugh, but this is some funny shit. I sure hope a tv movie comes out of this.

- Cat