Stepping It Up

The new year is upon us. Right around the corner. I actually look forward starting my new year on the good foot. I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, as I think approving one's life is a feat best approached on a daily basis, not once a year. I look forward to tackling new opportunities with fervor and excelling. I feel... hopeful. I feel... triumphant. Bring it. I will look back at 2007 not with regret and bitterness, but with a feeling of nostalgia and will use the ugly as fuel for my drive. For those of you (and you know who you are) who are possibly wondering... or hoping that I'm wallowing and doing horribly... sorry to break it to you. But I'm not. I don't keep company with misery. Sorry. Those who truly know me and want the best for me, realize how resilient I am. It's nothing short of pathetic when people feed off of negativity, and only want to hear about the bad... they zone out when the good is relayed to them. It's nothing short of sick, when people suck the life out of your energy and exacerbate one's misfortune and bad karma. Being the superstitious and neurotic person that I am, I truly believe in emotional vampirism. People who just suck the life out of you... and secretly wish you ill. Or look for flaws so they can feel good about themselves. None of that. I'm even more intolerant of bullshit and bitter personalities. I'm relentless, in fact! As if my zero tolerance policy could get any stiffer. Emotional blood suckers... Take a long hard look at my boot and lick it very much please. Anyway, Everyone else, please enjoy your New Year's Eve celebration(s) and don't be too hard on yourselves with the resolutions! Respect.

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BeautyinBaltimore said...

Happy New Years Coffee!