Guilty Pleasure

I caught this video on the tele this afternoon. Is it wrong that I like it? I don't know. It feels right. Snoop looks like the drunken uncle, showing out at the annual BBQ, after a few jiggers of Crown Royal. All of a sudden I'm feeling nostalgic for Zapp & Roger's Computer Love.


Anonymous said...

God to see him acting all sexy and cool makes me chuckle... he's the furthest from the word sexy don't ya think! lol

Anonymous said...

oops that was me :)

Amadeo said...

Everytime someone mentions a video now I fear it will be the dreaded 2 girls 1 cup. I retched just from typing it.

TiffJ said...

@Shell: This video surprised and amused the hell out of me. hahaha. I love it, because it's sooo vintage. The look, the camera work, everything. Loves it.

@Amadeo: I REFUSE to watch that blasted 2 girls 1 cup video! There's no way in HELL I'm gonna check that out. Curiosity is killing this nosey cat, but in this instance, I'll just keep guessing.

Lola Gets said...

Ok 1) Im glad to see Snoop step outside the box and try something different, no matter how funny he looks doing it, lol.
2) I cant find the 2 girls 1 cup video! Im soooo technologically inept!

Anonymous said...

This vidjo is STANK HOT! tee hee I love it!

Ummm, no one should ever subject themselves to the horrors of 2 girls, 1 cup...EVER!!! That's a weapon of mass destruction if ever I've seen it! GROSSSSSSSS!!!!

;) Cat