Le John

Dear Cat,
I know you've been back home from your two week, work related jaunt to India for a minute, but I just want to welcome you back again. I enjoyed hearing about your sweet and sour experiences in Sri Lanka and various other places around India. While I found some of your calamities amusing and in essence poked you with a stick (so to speak), exacerbating your dismay, I begin to mull over your troubling encounters with India's toilets. When you said that many of them left much to be desired and others reeked of centuries old piss, your description of there being no toilet paper, but a hose and some "measuring cup" looking thing in its place, I must admit-- many unsavory visuals flashed and danced around in my sick head! I mean, I'm glad you didn't touch the hose. The thought of someone's pissy, dookey hands fidgeting with a hose & cup 'round their delicates and naughty bits, thereby tainting the hose, leads me to believe that said tools are ridden with all sorts of bacteria and germs. You had no clue what the cup was supposed to be used for and so you were smart and opted to pat down your delicates with the pack of kleenex you keep in your purse. Cheers and way to go with that! Smart. But I was still left to ponder how a traditional Indian toilet works, and so I took it upon myself to do some online research... and found this blog, with a picture of this diagram==> I'm guessing the idea is to use the hose to rinse down the ass and delicates after business is accomplished, and to use the measuring cup thing to douse one's business with water. I assume this makes the bits cleaner rather than using simple toilet tissue. Terrence Howard would definitely approve! Anyway, what is familiar to many cultures, makes those of us from the West bumble along and stew in a pot of ignoramus soup... I think I'll stick to tissue and Summer's Eve feminine wipes. Ignorance is indeed bliss during these circumstances. Enjoy!
Bisous Coffey


Robert E. Morgan, Jr. said...

Stumbled across your blog while seeing who else in the blogosphere digged Sankofa. From first impressions I will definately have to drop by again, and again...

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA Ummmm, this is hilarious and I can't believe you had the nerve to look this mess (pun intended) up! tee hee

I can't tell you how disconcerting it is to be oh-so-western and have not a clue how to take a piss in a foreign land...I was rather perplexed to say the least. Though the illustration is rather enlightening I can assure you I WON'T BE DOING THAT!!! I know, I know...BILLIONS of people do it, but I just can't get with that. I'm very open to new ideas and what have you, but I just refuse to take it to the next level with that damn hose.

Thanks for making me cackle! Oh, and I love how you have a picture of me standing in Shanghai...that trip to China was chock full of bathroom drama and the pics from that trip are worth another story of this ilk...LOL!!!


pricolatino said...

"Empty it forcefully towards your bottom."


TexInTheCity said...

Girl, you have rendered me speechless with this one! LOL!

Melissa said...

yes, exactly what prico said. LOL.

too funny. I never would have known.