Please Pardon Me...

... I'm brooding. My energy is scattered, the planets and the stars are dispersed all willy nilly. My patience, my intestinal fortitude has been tried and tested and so I'm taking deep inhalations of breath, breathing out slowly, and counting. Because I truly believe certain people were put on this planet to piss off and antagonize others. There are those of us who can shrug off the funk and then there are those of us whose fingers flex after a certain moment in space and time. Our hands open and close from the rage boiling in the bit of our stomach because we want to strike. We want to slap. We want to choke. To injure. But instead we breathe in and out, tell ourselves to get a grip, that'll it'll be okay. And then we count.
One... Two... Three...


  1. If you can...I recommend slapping someone every now and then...or do like my roommate and get a punching bag.

  2. I recently found chopping wood with an hatchet to be quite theraputic. lol

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    A primal scream is in order! Gosh, this life is so insane and people who enjoy being petty seem to be at every turn...venting definitely helps so keep blogging! That's almost as nice as a strong kick in the gutz to the ones you despise...

    Word wars are supreme when you are an expert at slicing and dicing ignorant stooges!

    - Cat