Sick Day

P.S. I mixed plain massage oil with divine perfume oils. It smelled great and makes for a lovely bath and after bath moisturizer.


  1. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Sexy! It's good to take a day and treat yourself right, honey...

    - Cat

  2. @Cat: Yeah, no kidding! I makes a difference! I need to get some more sesame oil, or plain massage oil and scent it up. I'm running low. Actually baby oil works just as well. It blends well with essential perfume oils. You barely smell the "baby" scent.

  3. Very strange....that picture of the candles and the razor blade, made me all thingly, gee I'm weird.

  4. @Bloody Whore: On snap! I didn't even think about the razor being there! I was just thinking about me needing to "mow the lawn" if you catch my drift.

    Anyway... now I'm weirded out by it. LOL

  5. I did the same day off shyte last tuesday! feels sooo good. :)