Ain't Misbehavin'

Dear (male) drivers,
Recently on a particularly nice summer afternoon, I was standing outside on Woodland Street in front of the gate of Saint Francis Hospital, waiting for the bus. The sun was out, it was pleasantly hot, and there was minimal humidity. In total, it was a great day to wait for a ride without having to curse the elements: rain, humidity, hail, etc. See, the bus stop is a designated part of the sidewalk away from the busy street, where would-be passengers wait patiently for their ride to come at a scheduled time. Cars fly by in both directions. Filled with families, couples, singles, men and women. Going some place specific. Perhaps to run an errand, en route to the beach, or to the mall to do some shopping. I'd be willing to wager that when drivers, particularly male drivers, happen to notice an unassuming young woman (or man) standing there in large dark shades, gold ballet flats, black wide leg trousers, and a tee shirt listening to her MP3 player, they know she must be waiting for the bus. That particular street on the west end of Hartford (between Woodland and Asylum) where the Connecticut Public Television, St Francis Hospital, and St Francis Women's Center buildings prominently sit is not known for having prostitutes waiting outside in broad daylight. On a particularly sunny Saturday afternoon. And so I'm left perplexed and wondering why the gentleman who slowed down his whip in front of me and beckoned to me, thought I was going to pause my MP3 player in the middle of Cody Chesnutt's "Serve this Royalty," walk over at his beck and call, and then lean into his window for a chat? See, because only prostitutes walk over to a man's car when beckoned, to advertise their wares to that potential buyer while they inspect the goods... get a peek at the T & A. Since this isn't Hunt's Point in the Bronx, Atlantic City, or any place else where street hookerdom may be abundant in broad daylight I'm lost as to why my scowl and the bird I flipped in your direction left you looking confused and agitated before you gave up and sped off. Anyway, one suggestion would be to wait until night falls next time and to go trolling around in the north end of Hartford. Dutch point maybe? You might just find yourself a niiiice, crack infested prostitute on the cheap. Oh, and while you're at it, learn some new courting techniques. Have a great weekend sir
kisses Coffey

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Anonymous said...

"WHOOOORE...youwantityouwantityouwantit" (insert Jerri Blank's voice here!)...hahahaha Seriously, why is it that any man would think that he could step to you in that fashion? Hell to the naw! Well written as always...keep tellin' it like it is!

- Cat