MY 75 cents worth

Dear 50 Cent,
I wish you would get off of Oprah Winfrey's tits already. Your lame attempts at dragging her name through the mud and trashing her in the media every chance you get, is nothing short of pathetic and uncalled for. All of the other rappers have moved on, and have stopped whining already about her not inviting any of you to be on her show... perhaps you should follow suit, my friend. Accusing her of being an "Oreo" and now opining in the July '07 issue of Spin magazine:
"She doesn't ever say anything that anybody from the ghetto is gonna ID with. Take a poll. You go out and find me some young black women who ID with Oprah...She can escape the fact that she's black because she's a billionaire"
Does our community more harm than good. I'm curious to know what exactly makes you an authority on BLACK WOMEN'S issues?? I mean, you only exploit us in your songs and show us gyrating and booty popping with blank looks on our faces in your videos. Perhaps you're bored or you've come to the realization that your songs are just as formulaic and contrived as your apparent cry for attention is... and so you need to keep your name in the media by riding Oprah Winfrey's jock. Lest your forget Fiddy, while Oprah hasn't been shot a number of times, the woman HAS paid her dues and is deserving of every accolade heaped upon her. You're talking about a self made BLACK female billionaire, who has used her fame and fortune to help further humanity and Black causes and other issues pertinent in our society. I guess opening a leadership academy for young Black girls in Africa, sponsoring poor children, helping encourage literacy, and helping Hurricane Katrina victims, don't register on your scale, eh? Either way, Fiddy, you're the sell out and "oreo"... I say this, because denigrating one of the most influential Black women, in predominantly white run media outlets, does nothing to further our community or promote unity. It only widens the gap. Need I also remind you, that most of the consumers purchasing your albums and yelling "G-G-G-G-G-G-G UNIIIIITTT! are young white teenagers from the suburbs? Get over the fact that you will probably NEVER get a seat (or have the opportunity to jump) on Oprah's couch. You're a crybaby and you're taking up all the oxygen with your moronic propaganda and self-hate. Your idiocy and misogyny knows no bounds, apparently. Get a life and sharpen your skillz.
xoxo Coffey
P.S. Thanks for putting your Farmington, CT mansion on the market. Feels good not to have to claim you as a Connecticut resident anymore.


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Nice post! Way to rip Fiddy a new one. But you're forgetting how many Toni Morrison novels 50 Cent has helped to promote on his tours...

    oh wait, none. my bad.

  2. Anonymous10:44 PM

    So, black women can identify with the stripper poles that 50 had installed in his soon-to-be former mansion in Farmington? What an asswipe!

  3. The people who shot him nine times are at fault here.
    They didn't kill him, it's all their fault.

  4. The people who shot him nine times are at fault here. They didn't kill him, it's all their fault.
    10:25 AM


    Just because she doesn't buy into the n*gg** mentality doesn't make her a bad person. Quite the opposite, if you ask me. And if they fail to see that it's not the color of their skin the reason she doesn't invite them, then they're really as ignorant as they portray themselves to be.

    They're just putting her down because Oprah won't put on a puffy bra to wash their Escalade with.

  5. No one should ever listen to anything Four-bits says.

  6. what??? i think fiddy just left his brains in a pussy somewhere...

    tell the nicca that rapping his crap(although i feel his beats) don't add anything positive to my life unlike watching Oprah, how she got up there makes me feel i can do it to, of which i pray seriously to meet her one day sef,...

    nothing do me jo

  7. I was so annoyed when I read that...

    very, very eloquent response coffey (along with a healthy dose of sarcasm).

    thank you!!

  8. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Dude has a brick face so how much intellectual content can we expect him to possess? hahahahhahha

    He should stick to supporting G.W. Bush and perhaps visit his local orthodontist instead of wasting his limited brain capacity on Oprah. She's too busy to bother thinking twice about this busted-faced wannabe.

    - Cat

  9. Beautifully done, Coffey.

    What - Oprah doesn't want to have a G-unit show and give away grills and tech nines to aspiring gangstas? No way.

    I love some of his beats as well, but as a human - he is sorely lacking.