Belated April Fools Extra

I'm sorry, but I HAD to post this video of Alanis Morissette, spoofing The Black Eyed Peas' hit, "My Humps" Here's the original version, just for kicks.


Chryssy said...

Hi Coffey...Just droppin' by to say Hello. Hope you are doing well. I'd be better if I didn't have the hangover from HELL today.

See ya around!

Anonymous said...

How funny- I just found that and posted it, too (on the sex blog, where I frequently rip on My Most Hated Song, Ever.)

Yay Alanis! Her "You don't want no drama" part had me cracking UP.

And for the record, I don't care how hot Fergie is (and she is), a woman should never EVER refer to her delectables as "lumps". It sounds like she has the mumps or something. *retch*

Anonymous said...

Oh thank GOD! You reminded me to post this at my site too.

Hey, we were talking about hair over chez moi and I just saw this at Pandagon. Not to ruin your day or anything but OMFG, you've got to read this.

Anyway, YAY on your decision to go natural!!!!

Lola Gets said...

Alanis is HILARIOUS! Im glad she decided to do this spoof - good for her!

TiffJ said...

@Chryssy: Hey miss! Hangover from hell?? Exactly what kind of crunk juice were YOU sipping on, praytell. ;-)

@Introspectre: As catchy (and recycled) as Fergie's videos and songs are... this was my LEAST favorite. The video was ridonkulous and didn't do anything to enhance its ridiculous lyrics. I was quite pleased to see Alanis spoofing the song (she slowed it down and stripped away the production and beats, almost as if she were trying to relay just how ridiculous the lyrics are). I actually can't stop watching it!

@HPS: Once I went au naturale, I never looked back. I must say, my hair rocks. Imus and his ilk can suck a fat one, because they don't know the FIRST THING about being a Black woman or about the complexities or our hair. White men kill me, when they make ridiculous comments such as those I read on your link, and then use the "I was joking" card as a way to justify their stupidity. If having natural hair makes me a wanton ho'bag, then what does having a comb over or petou (toupe) make them, other than stupid looking?

@Lola Gets: Alanis actually looks great in the video too. She looks a little like Lacey Chabert or Jennifer Love Hewett or someone along those lines.

Unknown said...

from a man who deals with his lower chakra's perspective : "where are the lady humps? I don't see any? I thought Buffy the Body was going to be in it!"

the video is so wack

from an old BEP fan fromthe Fallin Up days' perspective: WTF? you guys are sell outs.

but Alanis really brings it. it really shows how ridiculous the song is.

introspectre said...

I know just what you mean. When I played it for my fifteen year old sister in law, my husband was standing behind us and kept making exclamations of disbelief. He finally blurted, "I just CAN NOT BELIEVE there is a song THAT STUPID!" because Alanis did exactly that- stripped it down to show how stupid it is. And the fact that she sang it so mesmerizing and rather haunting just adds to it. I can't stop watching it either. It gets stuck in my head, and somehow that's *gasp* actually ok.

THAT is some serious magic from Alanis. Because I really cannot hate that song any more than I do.

Now...what's with the latest stupid song I've heard, the one about "circle circle dot dot"? It's even more moronic, and I didn't think that was possible.