Chocolate Jesus

I'm flummoxed, because I don't understand why Catholic organizations, churches, and the Vatican don't get this up and arms over pederasty and abuse against young children, perpetrated by some of their priests. Artist, Cosimo Cavallaro caused an uproar with his chocolate Jesus sculpture, which he christened, "My Sweet Lord." Art, birth control, women's bodies, women's issues, sex, gay marriage, ... Slowly and surely, the religious right and other fanatics are trying to desperately bring us back to our puritanical roots, and have a monopoly over the civil and constitutional rights of the masses. I feel it in my spirit.


KeLL... said...

Well put! I like how the Catholic Church is the first to point the finger, but covers up their own scandals. Cosimo should have said "The voice of God came to me and told me to sculpt Jesus out of chocolate" I would like to see how the Vatican would respond to that.

TiffJ said...

@Kell: Unfortunately, the exhibition has been cancelled, because that Catholic group strong armed the gallery into not showing it!
They hadn't even SEEN the exhibit, but felt compelled to get up in arms, and call it "an assault on Christians"...
They need to channel that energy and protest other, more pertinent matters!
It's AMAZING how the religious right is ADAMANT about encroaching on the constitutional rights of others. They're bent on censoring ART, or how an artist views religion or sexuality. I remember former NYC mayor, Rudolph Giuliani threatened to snatch away an art grant from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, because they displayed an artist's painting of the Virgin Mary as a black woman.

I just take issue with us claiming to be a FREE nation, that respects the constitutional rights of others, but yet certain groups, organizations, and politicians bully U.S. citizens into forfeiting their right to free expression!

Unknown said...

then again, they are acting JUST like Xians: Intolerant, hypocritical, and downright oppressive.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

The chruch is able to survive because it force feeds people guilt.

Anonymous said...

To point out a revolting but seemingly obvious fault in their logic:

They LIKE little boys.
Apparently they have a problem with chocolate. And by chocolate I mean they're racist. Blatantly. What's the deal with taking issue with a black Mary? A black Jesus? Or, heaven forbid, a CHOCOLATE Jesus? I really wonder if they would have had such a freak out if it had been done in white chocolate. Honestly.

I apologize to the Catholics of the world. I do believe the religion itself is so chock full of hypocrisy it's ridiculous. Catholicism lost it's charm on me when I sat in a huge and magnificent church one day and looked around at all the gilded everything and thought, "I wonder how many homeless people all this would feed?" It just seemed so wasteful and extravagant. I think the same thing every time I see the Pope in his oh so fancy duds.

Don't get me wrong, the religion has some very good points. But freaking out over a chocolate Jesus and covering up sexual abuse is incredibly lame.