Step into the bad siiiide, gonna take a mean riiiide....

It's official. I've completely lost it... again. I am absolutely obsessed and addicted to the Dreamgirls movie soundtrack (as well as the movie). The movie's soundtrack doesn't deviate too much from the original broadway one, in fact it stays pretty true to form (with the exception of the re-mixed tracks of a few songs, into dance cuts towards the end of the second disc and Beyonce's Listen song). But there is just something... I don't know... peppier about the movie's soundtrack. Something a little more contemporary? Whatever. In any event, at random moments, I break out into spontaneous song and dance... much to my family's concern and chagrin. My mother warned me that I was listening to the soundtrack "way too much," but I didn't and I don't heed what she said. I can't get enough. It's almost as if the other songs uploaded onto my MP3 player don't even matter anymore. Once or twice at work, I broke out into spontaneous song and jazz snaps, eliciting a few weird, sideward glances. At the movie, I had to sit on my hands, because I wanted to hop out of my seat and sing along while gesticulating wildly, like a diva does with her hands (think Mariah and Whitney-type jazz hands). While I'm on the bus, my knees start shaking in time to the music, and I have to plop my large handbag o'er top of them, lest I pop up and start performing for the rest of the passengers. That'd make for an interesting Bus Tale, no doubt. While walking down the street, my gait gets a little... um, jazzy, as I stomp harder than necessary, along the pavement. I feel like I was meant to be on Broadway or something, like I missed my calling? ... ... ... Okay, perhaps that's pushing it too far, but yes, I love the soundtrack. Particularly Eddie Murphy's and Jennifer Hudson's performances. Yes, I know that most people may argue that her versions of what Jennifer Holiday belted out before her, aren't on that level... but I disagree. Hudson is no slouch. She sang "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" like a pro. Gave me (and I'm sure others) goosebumps, during the movie. And besides, she's not Jennifer Holiday, she's Jennifer HUDSON. And she did a stellar job. **And just a random aside, Anika Noni Rose (who also does extremely well as Lorrell Robinson) is from my hometown. ** Anyway, I'm going to go finish pretending to be a Broadway diva. ...


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Hum, I've never actually had the urge to spontaneously break out into song and dance. Well, that's not entirely true. I've heard tale of someone who looks just like me, acts just like me and sounds just like me, singing and dancing to Marvin Gaye's "Can I Get a Witness" on top of a bar in Hong Kong. HA!

  2. Anonymous9:34 PM

    I totaly understand! I am the person that when I hear a GREAT song or album I play it over and over again to the point of lunacy. I have no problems bursting into song whenever I damn well please. If the music moves me to the point of expression that so be it. And yes that does mean I have started to sing on a bus.....under my breath LOL.

  3. sang woman. don't sweat everyone else. i do it. heck.... been doing it since i was a youngblood. we ain't crazy, everyone else is.