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One foot in front of the other...
And I love this new lip gloss: "Absolut Lip" I absolut'ly agree!


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    I read your blog daily and am still taken with your intense gaze when ever you post a picture.....Oh Crap I sounded like a stalker LOL

  2. Wow Siobhan, thanks so much!

    An intense gaze? Perhaps this is why I can't find a genuine date? LOL. My gaze burns holes through to their true selves.
    I've been told this before... about my eyes... and I'm always mildly surprised. I consider myself an intense person at times, but I never really thought much about my eyes or my gaze. They're dark brown... and this much I know is true. I guess I never really paid much attention to my gaze, until someone points it out to me. About how I'm looking at them.

    And you're far from a stalker, and thanks so much for reading! ;-)

  3. Anonymous11:54 PM

    My gaze burns holes through to their true selves...

    As well it should!!!
    Any man that can't handle your gaze is no man worth your time! As well you have shown through out your posts.It's my beleaf that an intese gaze just means a fiery soul is held within. I love it and Yeah!!!! to all with a healthy gaze when there are so few left in this world!

  4. you do have an intense gaze and it is the consistent element that strikes me when I see you. but yes, don't ever give that up intentionally, because you are *striking* you are so beautiful and attention worthy. like startling. :)

  5. Okay...
    Now I'm beginning to blush, which is hard to do, with this yoghurt and avocado mask I have hardening on my face. Someone was lazy and didn't wash her face before she went to bed last night. I woke w/ my pores glaring at me. LOL.
    Anyway, thank you Alosha and Siobhan.

  6. I like the movie alot also. Beyonce really surprised me, I think she performed much better than in her previous roles.

    I noticed the gaze to, cause I have one also. Some men are imtimadated by a strong gaze and others are turned on by it.