I'm Out of Control... Plus a funny newsbit

This morning- (Or was it yesterday evening? I don't remember as days, hours, and minutes tend to bleed together as of late)- I was watching Tyra Banks administer makeovers to frumpy women, on her talk show. She also gave helpful tips such as, how to pluck your eyebrows the proper way- (they should gradually thin out towards the end... there should never be a "bubble" at the front and thinner towards the end, creating a "tadpole effect. That's wrong)- In any event, for whatever reason, I started crying, as I watched these women and their loved ones react to bouncy, shiny newly coiffed hair, trendy attire, impeccable make-up, and new teeth. Why was I crying? I don't know. Perhaps due to PMS. Anyway, I came across a funny newsbit, on Metro Plus Online, about a "career bum." I found it amusing enough to share. Apparently being unemployed in France, is quite lucrative. What was I thinking, with this damn troublesome work ethic of mine? I could've been living high off the hog, milking the French government of all their wonderful resources.
“Thierry F.” recently outed himself as a professional welfare bum, bragging in his brand-new autobiography that he has lived very well off the French government for most of the last 24 years and that, even after his unemployment benefits expired, he found a second unemployment program to leech from. The latest one pays almost all of his monthly home loan, according to an October dispatch from Paris in The Times of London, and provides free medical care plus a “Christmas bonus,” leaving an equivalent of $214 per month for what the delighted Thierry calls his “leisure activities.”

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