Waiting with baited (and perhaps wasted) breath? ...

*Disclaimer: This is my blog and these are my opinions. I'm not some political rabble-rouser, some Che Guevara diehard, some aspiring revolutionary, or trying desperately to be controversial. I'm merely making an observation based on my own perspective. Rarely do I ever blog about politics or religion. I keep those opinions to myself... unless current events inspire me enough to do so... which is my prerogative. While I realize this topic of discussion is sensitive for some, it has piqued my curiosity enough, that I'm tossing in my two-cents. I reserve the right to do that every now and again, on here. That's it.
"Although we have been dogmatic, we have never preached cult of personality. You will not see a statue of me anywhere, nor a school with my name, nor a street, nor a little town, nor any type of personality cult because we have not taught our people to believe, but to think, to reason out." Fidel Castro
Are the Bush administration and other nations greedily awaiting to hear the official word on Castro's condition, so they can swoop in and dictate... er... urge Cubans to accept capitalism and democracy as the way to their salvation? It appears that way from my vantage point. Political commentators and those in high political offices have been weighing in, and the consensus seems to be that Raul, while he's quite smart and very organized, is not charismatic or articulate enough to handle the reigns as Cuba's next leader. Perhaps they're underestimating the prowess and intestinal fortitude of Fidel's younger brother and the people of Cuba- (like they did with the ill-fated and embarrassing Bay of Pigs invasion)- as all is quiet as a church mouse, on the Caribbean island. The coming days will paint a telling picture, and many of us are interested to see how the changing of the guard, will pan out. Let us not forget that the people in Iraq, at Bush's suggestion, are still trying to figure out how to construct a democratic country, seemingly to no avail, as the U.S. is still exerting a great deal of influence in the beseiged country. Those political forces outside of Cuba are drawing up (have drawn up?) the blue prints for a "new Cuba" even though they aren't as in the know as they'd like to be. Perhaps they're just wasting their breath in trying to delve into another unwilling country's affairs.


  1. Perhaps they're just wasting their breath in trying to delve into another unwilling country's affairs.

    Coffey - I know you're American, so I hope this doesn't come off as offensive, but I find that this is a major part of the U.S. that I just CAN'T STAND. I'm PISSED that our Canadian soldiers are in Afghanistan right now - until Stephen Harper (Prime Minister) came along our only mission in these areas was peacekeeping. Now our soldiers are being killed almost daily bcs they're "branching out" so to speak, and while they're (read "we're") not officially at war, we might as well be. Canada doesn't have the history of colonialism and "delving" into unwilling countries affairs that the U.S. does, but this STILL pisses me off.
    REMIND ME - if I still have it, I want to forward you this site I have that details the various U.S. "dealings" in other countries since its beginnings, OK? FASCINATING read.

  2. The thing is we will only do so much with them if Castro does die, Bush and co. don't want to "deal" with anyone with that last name. We'll certainly do some things that will effect them, but I don't see any meetings coming.

  3. Raul is a hardliner communist. remember Fidel was not a socialist. it was Raul and Che who were (matter of fact, Raul introduced Fidel to Che). I am sure Raul is capable of handling his BI. its just that his policies are much more anti capitalists. But the US just wants to swoop in and make their dough. bottom line, its called cultural hegemony

  4. always leaned to cuba's politics. yes it's not the answer but neither is capitalism. he'll see off this president. seen ten of them off