The Revolution To be Televised??

This season, Survivor has opted to venture into some controversial territory. In the same way no one likes to acknowledge the line of demarcation separating the classes in this country, people tend to be just as reluctant to discuss the politics and complexities of race in America. Survivor has decided to split teams up by race- (Latin-American, Asian-American, Caucasian, and Black)- to compete with one another. Eventually, as the contestants are whittled down, they’ll become one, multicultural unit, until the final one triumphs. Different groups are up in arms about the way the teams will be presented this season, and have demanded that CBS scrap the idea. Of course they aren’t going to. Survivor spokeswhores have responded that they feel the idea is a good "social exercise" and how they concocted the idea, after numerous complaints that the show just wasn’t culturally diverse enough. Is this, in fact, a social exercise, or a sick way to regain victory in the prime-time ratings war? Are CBS and the creators of Survivor using the most controversial study to gain viewers? Are they fostering bigotry for their own interests, with this new game’s strategy? Moreover, is it right? That remains to be seen when the season premieres. As much of a pop-culture junky as I am, I think I will pass on this show. I’ve never been a Survivor fan to begin with, and I refuse to feed into this sort of hype. I’ll stay faithful to Flavor of Love.


Unknown said...

everything was going along beautifully, until THIS:

I’ll stay faithful to Flavor of Love.


OH, and I'm with you, never been a Survivor fan, have never seen a full episode. But there is ZERO doubt in my mind re: social exercise or ratings grab" - RATINGS GRAB, THROUGH & THROUGH.

I'll just wait to hear about the aftermath from others LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me I'm not missing anything by not watching TV.

Except the Daily Show. Can't miss it.

Anonymous said...

I am a Survivor whore...I think the whole racial thing is a stupid ratings grabber as well though. But I will have to watch. I missed a few seasons when I was in law school but other than that, Survivor is yet another guilty pleasure. Geez...I really need help.

chrome said...

see, this here is where i have a problem with "reality tv". Survivor huh? send them all to the Sahara desert.

checked the link to Flavor of Love. now i wanna watch that.

emeralda said...

as happy as i am not to have a tV i am wondering right now whether those guys get a lot of money for being the survivors televised? hm. i should do that, seriously, i am a survivor whore, but in the actualy meaning of the first word of the two muahaha. so, ahm, i love the whole survival thing because i d rather survive in 'nature' (grin) as opposed to in a big brother bunker or the sex and the city.
well, so if they get a whole lot of money let me know i d love to pay my fucking student loan off as fast as possssible.


okay sweetie, i am wandering too. in my thoughts.