Have a great weekend, dress accordingly, and do these dances. That's it.

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote


emeralda said...

a coffeeeeeY!!!!
yeah that song...
reminds me of: being seventeen or so. (is that already THAT long ago????? wait. is that SIX years ago??? WTF????!!!!!)
dancing to this song in the morning, passionately singing along with it. the sweet morning hours when you are ALL by yourself. glorilicious!!!!
then: with the bike down the hill!!! through the forest in Farnau. With both my hands in the air, enjoying the dangerous race down the hill, wind in the hair, laughing.
Then school, sometimes falling asleep during class, last night it got late working at this bar....my parents didnt know i was working until 4 AM.
sneaking into my love's house. climbing up the wall to his window on the second floor.....
'murder she wrote'!!!!
going to Basel, dancing until late late. (parents thought i was at my friends house) i had my sister's passport. lol.

ah. thanks. for bringing that back to me, Sweetie!

TiffJ said...

Hahaha. You're welcome Emeralda.
YouTube is great! I had this song stuck in my head last night, and was humming along!
I figured I'd look it up. This song brings me back to the raunchy middle-school dances I used to attend, when I was younger.
Yes! Can you imagine a room full of 12-14 year olds doing the booty-pop to show how much they loved that the DJ was playing this song, in a dark gym, while teachers, the V.Principal, and chaperones looked on in disapproval? hahahaha.

chrome said...

six years ago? nah mate add 6 more years to that. I arrived in london mid '93 and the whole of england was locked on this tune. bare madness with nuff youths doing the dance style called the "bogle". couldn't have asked for a better welcome.

big up fe dat tune gyal like Coffee