Flash Back

Soul II Soul - keep on movin


chrome said...

oh man! the video brings back some memories of simple days and afrocentricity.

Jazzie is the foundation of so much black british music. brokenbeat, soulful garage, 2Step ... people have no fucking idea.

nice one Coffee.

Anonymous said...

dont you just LOVE YouTube?

TiffJ said...

Yes Bea, I DO enjoy YouTube.
I'm finding all of my favorite videos on here, and clips of the things I missed on tv! I can post those videos that have some pertinence to how I'm feeling or as an addendum to a post.

Obi, man, Soul II Soul were the hotness! I miss them. Jazzie and the crew made me want to move to Brixton when I was like 13 or so. hahahaha My older sister would blast the Keep On Moving Album practically every morning when we were getting ready for work and school respectively.
I'm a Caron Wheeler fan as well, and have her CD UK Blak.

jamie said...

Oh man, that is one of my all-time favorites!

jamie said...
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