Skeezers, Ho's, and Cristal? Oh My!

APHEX TWIN: WINDOWLICKER Count how many times the 'N' word and Ho' are used and winner gets a cookie. I enjoy this song, Aphex Twin is mad, and this video's images are fabulously disturbing in their mockery! The things that a lot of people have come to value and aspire to, become grossly distorted and disgusting, as they beckon to the homeboys. Enjoy! P.S. I think I spied some Cristal being used.


BeautyinBaltimore said...

I can not beleive that the guy said nigger that many times. I am preety sure by the end of the video the co-star though nigger was his first name.

chrome said...

boy this joint got me into Aphex big time. images disturbing? nah borderline crazy.