NYC Transit- La très nouvelle vague.

AKhenaton - NYC Transit This video and rap song are the hotness. It's very basic and there isn't a drop of Cristal in it. I like Akhenaton, and hopefully you all do/will too. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This video is fantastic and I love Akhenaton. I first heard of him on the soundtrack "Ma 6-T Va Cracker" and he's just a rawness and a serious message that so many other rappers have lost or never had. All rap doesn't have to be political commentary, but Akhenaton speaks about what he knows: hard life on the streets, poverty, racism, classism and more. Also, he has such an interesting style and a slight lisp which makes his sound a little bit least to me. HOT!

Anonymous said...

That comment was from me.
- cyet