Wikkid Dreaming while Wide Awake

I am a very happy young woman right at this moment. Not 10 minutes ago, I saw the UPS man exit in all his brown uniformed glory, out the front door of the establishment where I work. UPS = my damn package! I ran downstairs and lo and behold, there was an Amazon box with my name on it. I whispered "yes" rather loudly, piquing the interest of the Programs Manager, whose desk is a few feet away from where the packages are deposited. I sheepishly explained that I got the package I'd been waiting for since, well yesterday- (being the impatient and music obssessed woman that I am, I splurged for the 2 day delivery)- "I'm very happy for you" she replied snidely, but it didn't matter, I let her get away with that one, because the CDs I've been salivating over are here, in my possession at this very second, and that is what matters. Esthero's Wikkid lil Girls- (the follow up to Breath From Another... this follow-up comes 7 years after Breath...)- and Lizz Wright's sophomore follow-up to Salt, Dreaming Wide Awake. I am going on a break to devour these CDs now- (or after my 3:00 departmental meeting, rather). I will let you all- (all meaning those few people who read my manic ravings)- know how they fare. Hey Cat, we'll be jamming out like two mofos, during your long weekend visit, whether you like it or not, girl.


emeralda said...

i hope with 'all' you included my multiple personalities too. they wouldn't be very pleased to hear they were missing out. :-P

oha, i can perfectly relate here. muuuuuuussic makes the world go round!!! and damn, if it requires money to get these cds - so be it!!!! hehehe. you know what, last year i think i spent all the money which i was supposed to spend for clothes and food on music. unbelievable in the age of downloading and internet and stuff, but i have to admit: i love real cd's/lp's. i love to support. er. the record company? hm. i wish the artists get their fair share and whoelse helped. and i am probably too dumb to download well, find where to download and then do it and then burn it....stuff....

i m waiting for the report!!!!

ps: thanks for your comment. i ll keep you posted on what grows out of that weird weekend. but despite all the good advice i get fortunately thru the comment system i have to admit that i am ready to commit nonsense and bullshit just because at times i enjoy being a young. fool....;-) whateva!!!!!!

Unknown said...

speaking of which, i have a mob of CDs to review

you sound like me waiting for books

Amadeo said...

If there is one thing I love about technology...waiting for that online order to come.