December... hurry up and get lost already..

I cannot WAIT for Chrismus to come and go. I really don't enjoy most major holidays therefore, I refuse to celebrate them. Chrismus is at the top of that list. Yes, I enjoy going to my mother's house and spending time with my family... gorging myself on cookies and dinner... dinner, cookies and other delectable desserts. It's the rampant consumerism that gets on my nerves. People tend to be at their meanest, their most conniving bitchiest during this time of year... downright rude. One would thing that the holidays would encourage people to be on their best behavior. In any event, I feel like it doesn't, so I avoid it altogether. I really could care less whether or not someone gives me a gift or not. I don't feel comfortable making a list of things that people SHOULD buy for me. It's just, awkward. Usually if I see something I think someone would like, I will pick it up for them. That selfless, considerate way of being is something I try to put into practice everyday... not annually. Plus I want Chrismus to hurry up so that I can drink a lot on New Year's Eve, 'nuff said. And fuck the resolutions. Why wait once a YEAR to better your lives when people should aspire to do that everyday. No one keeps their resolutions anyway. I resolve to drink massive amounts of champagne. So there. January 1st will also mark the official countdown to my attending the Sundance Film Festival! I look sooo forward to that trip. Moving on to a completely different topic, I believe that in an earlier post, I said that I was addicted to America's Next Top Model. Well now it's down to the final three and I want model wannabe, Ya-Ya to die a slow death. What a bitch! Uppity c--t with a major superiority complex. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote her ass off. Anyone who watches this show knows exactly who and what I'm talking about. A couple of episodes ago, Tyra suggested that Ya-Ya should go to the nearest bakery in Tokyo (that's where they are now) and get a piece of humble pie... because she is such a snot. Anyway, I have nothing else really to rant about. OH, I must add that the ubiquitous staff holiday party turned out to be lots of fun, and I'm glad I decided to go.


supine said...

Hi Coffee, I know exactly what you are talking about re ANTM. I too despise Yaya. At this point I am pulling for Eva, because my actual favorites have inexplicably been voted off.

That is awesome that you will be going to Sundance! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you're excited about Sundance! I know it's going to be amazing! Your blogs just get better and better! What a great way to keep track of what's going on in your life. I love being able to get an idea of the craziness going on with you in-depth.