I just had two pieces of chocolate a minute or so ago, here at my desk at work. I am feeling mighty damn good about that. I find that chocolate is difficult to come by when you're at work. All you can really do is sit there at your desk in some weird post-crack addiction state, wishing like hell you could score a piece... so this is... was... a real treat. I'm content for the moment. I don't know which is more satisfying really... sex or chocolate. Well, chocolate leaves a nice aftertaste, and you don't feel the need to gargle with mouthwash afterward (and this is all I am going to say... ). So I guess chocolate is the most satisfying. I consider myself to be quite epicurean, so I suppose I would know. Anyway, this past Thursday, at work, was something else. I was glad for it to be over and done with. I was off this past Friday and Saturday, so I got to catch my breath and ponder that day's events. Some of the hellacious things that transpired, included a female educator who came in with a group of young students for a tour trying to hit on me (I'm 110% sure of it). She kept calling me "baby" and felt the need to show me some book she had on her person, about gender and sexuality. (yikes). Suggesting that I should read it. I thought it was a little odd. She was cute, don't get me wrong, but I don't ever recall telling her or anybody else for that matter, that I was a lesbian. Also, a male acquaintance I'd been intimate with popped up out of no-effing-where at my job. My stomach dropped a little and I was, indeed, shocked... especially since he lives in a different STATE, which is like 3 hours away. He claimed he was in town for work related reasons... either way you cut it, I cannot believe he showed up at my damn job. It is a complicated situation, and I wont get into it, but I was a little annoyed. I just pretended that I didn't know him, because I didn't want there to be a scene here at my work. People here are nosey jerks and I am a very private person (notwithstanding this very PUBLIC online journal). He said he had been calling and e-mailing me and that he wanted to catch a "glimpse" of me, so decided to pop by my job... unexpectedly. He said "Judging from the look on your face, I don't think this was a good idea." Um, yah think? The penis-having gender never ceases to amaze me. One minute they are all, "I don't want to get serious, I just need physical contact" and then when you honor that, they turn and start catching feelings and haranguing you to see them repeatedly. I think the simple fact that I refuse to sweat ANY MAN or ANY BODY may be a blow to their egos. If some guy tells me he's only interested in making-out or having sex and I'm feeling the same way, then I will simply say, "sounds good to me, let's go" and then we proceed in our adagio dance and I move the "F" on, hoping he'll do the same, particulary since he's the smartass who told younot to look for anything more. I can beone of the most indifferent people. If some guy starts off our initial meeting saying he's only interested in one thing, then I immediately shut down my "feelings mode" and go into my "stone-cold fox mode." ... This means we've already established how far our intimate encounter will go, so don't come sniffing around again wanting to "catch a glimpse" of me... and don't keep calling my cell and home phone numbers. Anyway, this blog entry has caused me to rip open the new M Azing (M&M) chocolate bar. (I went on a little shopping excursion today during lunch and wound up with a few pieces of chocolate tee hee.) This chocolate bar is pretty-good, I need to wrap this entry up.

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