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September 17, 2009

Marriage Counseling

As I nurse my malbec and inhale the mild scent of amber scented candles and spicy incense, I've come to the conclusion that I married myself in hopes of living in holy matrimony, til death would do me part. I married myself, as I clutched at the stars, hoping to catch each and every one... shutting out naysayers and discouraging voices.
I grasp, I daydream and I sweet fix.
I've come to the realization that I married myself in sickness and in health. I frequently fold from time to time, because sometimes realism transcends idealism, and these 'isms are sometimes the bane of my marriage. But... 'til. death. do. me. part... irreconcilable differences be damned.

July 21, 2007


... Mine starts, officially, in about four hours. And was, technically, Thursday.

June 23, 2007


I've been doing a few online searches after having read a bit about this magnetic glorified coaster called a Wine Enhancer. Apparently this device of sorts, has been around for a spell, although I'm just learning about it. Its intended purpose is to miraculously age young wines in a short period of time (some companies claim 30 minutes or less) and to (as cut and pasted from the Catania Wine Enchancer's official site):
  • Eliminate Red Wine Headaches (Based on numerous user testimonials)
  • Smoother and brighter flavor with longer finish
  • Releases fruit in both the bouquet and the taste
  • Lessens burn, astringency, and chalky feeling on tongue.
  • Makes young wines ready to drink in minutes rather then years of aging.
  • Releases all the flavor and complexities the wine maker crafted.
  • Smoothes the burn in all spirits.
Interesting. Never having tried this wine enhancer, I'm a little suspect. Apparently, it can be used with coffee and tea as well. My snobbery wont allow me to even be bothered with wanting to try such an accessory. Am I wrong for wanting the tannins in my red wine (and coffee) to have a bit of bite? It makes the wine (and coffee drinking) experience a bit more tactile and robust, non? I always thought the best way to enjoy red wine, is to simply sip it slowly, let breathe a bit, and to savor it (not exactly in that order). I know oenologists do the best they can to press their grapes accordingly, to reduce the harshness of tannins (mostly found in the grapes' skin, the seeds, and the oak wood that the wine is aged in), but I mean, tannins aren't that bad. Not to "geek out", but this compound is instrumental in a number of ways. Tannins help prevent oxidation (in red wine), and it is why red wine is reportedly good for our health (particularly red wines from France and Italy). Tannin condensed content is found in fruit (different types of edible berries and pomegranates) and tea as well. In any event, I've been reading a few comments on the internet from wine connoisseurs, oenologists, and sommliers, most of whom set up their own blind taste tests (discouraged by the creator(s) of the device ), to test the enhancer, and the reviews somewhat are mixed. The general consensus prevails however, and it seems as if there isn't that much of a difference at all. The verdict is (much to the creator's chagrin, based on posted email exchanges between he and the naysayers) that the wine enhancer is a waste of money and nothing more than a marketing ploy. As far as the wine related headaches and feelings of indigestion go, I think it's safe to assume that those of us who relish having a glass (or two) of red wine don't fall victim to such an affliction. It's also not a bad thing to suggest that those who don't drink red wine regularly, should stick to chardonnay, pinot grigio, white zinfandel, brandy or some other libation. I understand that there are certain beverages (and foods) that don't agree with people's digestive system, but this wine enhancer just seems like a form of cheating (and a way to make fast money) to me.