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January 17, 2009

Are Witch Titties Really THIS Cold??

It's bitter cold, and my mood is just about neck and neck with this blasted weather. It is definitely days like these that make me curse being born and bred in New England. I blame Canada. In any event, I can't seem to warm up. I can't relax in the confines of my home, because it's freezing. It's a to-the-bone type of chill that is simply inescapable, regardless of how many layers you hide under, how high you crank the heat up, how much Vicks Vaporub you slather under your nose, and how tight of a fetal position you curl up in!! I can wish for man to cozy up next to, but he'd be of no use to me, because he'd be shivering and complaining right alongside me. He'd touch me, and I'd probably shrink away from his touch, due to his hands being ice cold.
How depressing. Last night, bundled up and on the cusp of a nervous breakdown because the bus driver decided to take his sweet time letting pulling up to the stop, my fingers were frozen almost to the point of no return. This is with insulated leather gloves on, a wool coat, and a wrap. Settled within the warm confines of the bus, I glowered angrily at the driver, then I gingerly peeled my gloves off gasping at my blue tinted fingertips!
This is the kind of weather that forces people to walk stooped over as they pull their layers tighter to their bodies muttering and cursing under their breath and to be pissy drunk until they slump face forward on the bus, because the pain of the cold is too much for them to bear. The kind of havoc that wrecks plans, dispositions, and heating bills! As discomforting as I find hot, humid, stagnant air to be, I'd definitely take that kind of summer over this any day. I find it easier to keep cool. Keeping warm? Not so much. I'll admit the cold air has been great for my pores, but sidestepping people sneezing and hacking into the brisk air, and stepping over globs of spit and phlegm on the sidewalk doesn't do anything to soothe my soul or my mild germaphobia. I'm finding myself eating a myriad of strange things for breakfast, in a desperate bid to warm up from the inside out (atomic fire balls and coffee anyone?) Pressing lunch time errands go ignored, because I simply can't bear the thought of going out into the frosty air. As kinky as this may sounds to some, every morning and every evening, I cover myself, neck to toe in thick body butters and generous globs of Vaseline... a vain attempt to keep my skin supple, moisturized, and protected from the ash dying to attach itself to my skin! I'm a greazy woman this winter! And I'm loving every second of it as I'm triumphing over the ashiness. It's an especially mad, cruel, winter or at least it has been these past couple of weeks. The city of Hartford, CT seems allergic to plowing the snow piles properly, making it rather difficult to navigate the curbs and cross the street. Today, a blind woman fell over a pile of snow as she gingerly stepped off the bus, swinging her stick wildly into the air trying to find her way. The bus driver simply looked on from the perch of his seat, as the woman struggled to her feet and dusted herself off. A friendly passenger ran out to tend to her, "Okay, she's up on her feet, let's get going," I heard a dry teenage voice mutter impatiently from the back of the bus. Empathy is officially dead, folks. Nothing left to
do but mull over looming debts that need to be paid and drown my
winter blues in a sea of red wine. piping hot mugs of black coffee, and strong, spicy teas.

March 06, 2007


Today got off to a bit of a rocky start. I arrived late to work for starters. This is nothing new, but I think the realization that I hate being late for work, hit me hardcore for some reason. Harder than any other time. I'm usually agitated, but matter-of-fact about it. The weather was brutal and unforgiving. The surly wind blowing in from Canada, was harsh. As I stomped down to Starbucks, sniffling back the snot trying to force its way out of my nose, I was thrown for a loop. The weatherman said we would be waking up to record breaking cold this morning, but I never imagined it would be this cold. The bitter wind picked up speed as I hunched my shoulders up, thankful for the long, "puffy" coat, pashmina scarf, and black tights (underneath my pants) I was wearing, and made my way clumsily down the street- (if you don't have a long, puffy coat... get one. They work! Peep Cat above & right, in her DKNY puffy coat). This arctic blast was relentless as it punished me for my tardiness. I had brain freeze and suddenly felt nauseous. Finally making it to Starb(big)bucks without passing out, sniffling and thankful for the warmth and robust coffee smell, the cafe giant provided. I didn't want to leave. But alas, clutching my giant cup of Caffe Verona, the coffee of the day, today, I pushed open the door, and braved the harsh, bitter cold. Finally making it to work, out of breath and disoriented. I'm a fleshy, voluptuous woman, but this level of frigidity didn't recognize that fact or care for that matter. It penetrated deep.
P.S. I'm sitting here (snug and warm) once again, watching Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator Series and am floored that these pieces of bottom feeding trash still don't and wont learn, that it's not okay to solicit CHILDREN on the internet for sex, and then show up to meet them for relations. Some of them are well aware of the series by this time, but their depraved minds wont allow them to care and to risk the risks of pedophilia. One dillhole is an Alabama cop, whose trunk was loaded down with weapons, ammo, and porn! Amazing... amazingly stupid.