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May 22, 2013

Ghetto Express: America's Poverty Tours

How 'Real Bronx Tours' Exploited a NYC Borough for Amusement

If you’re a curious suburbanite or someone who lives a sequestered life of comfort and privilege, every now and again after turning off the evening news and deep-sighing into your tumbler of single malt scotch, you may wonder how ‘the lessers’ manage to function in the ‘hood'. 

Or maybe you read Robert Huber's inflammatory piece in Philadelphia Magazine about what it’s like ‘Being White in Philly’ and want the opportunity to go ‘sploring around some urban neighborhood, so you can see what makes the ‘hoodrats’ tick. 
Well, the opportunity to put on your best safari ensemble from TravelSmith and get knee-deep in a hardcore hood expedition has come and gone; because until very recently, a company called Real Bronx Tours was offering curious (mostly European) spectators tours “through a real New York City GHETTO” as promised via its, now defunct, website.  A 2012 archived blurb from RBT reads …
"When we think about the Bronx we see images of the 70s and 80s when this borough was notorious for drugs, gangs, crime and murders. Over thirty years later quite a bit has changed including the birth of the hip-hop movement, a new [y]ankee stadium, renovation of the Mott Haven historic district and the re-creation of the infamous South Bronx. Real Bronx Tours will take you on a three hour journey into this diverse and mysterious borough called the Bronx. Sites on this tour will include: Yankee Stadium, Mott Haven Historic District, Bronx Zoo, Bronx Museum, South Bronx, Arthur Avenue (Little Italy), Grand Concourse and a ride through a real New York City "GHETTO."

March 22, 2013

Developer Evangelist Adria Richards, Fired for Speaking-out About Tech Community Sexism

In today’s cult of personality and with the way technology and information has evolved, public dramas play out across social media platforms as quickly and as messily as anything viewed on reality TV, and this week most of us learned that the tech community is no exception when it comes to rules of engaging in public histrionics, stunts, and shows.

Tech consultant and developer evangelist Adria Richards, found herself treading water in a sea of hateful, misogynist, and downright racist backlash from a mostly male (and white) tech crowd, because she dared to call-out inappropriate sexual jokes made by two male developers, sitting within earshot of her during a keynote speech at a PyCon event.