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April 22, 2009

I'm Thirsty...

... and I've been strongly advised to boil the tap water before I drink it. Well, I did and it isn't cold yet!
And to think of all of the hundreds of times I joked to my bottled water guzzling friends, "What's the point? We live in America. The water is fine!"
Now, they say that rotifers and copepods aren't harmful, but I'm not willing to risk the risk... so I'll stick to this here gin... until my boiled water cools down.

May 02, 2007


I'm aghast!
I've been drinking martinis legally, for years (anything before the age of 21 is irrelevant at this juncture in my life) and what has left me feeling dismayed, bemused, robbed, and foolish is today's New York Times' Dining In issue.
NYTimes wine critic, Eric Asimov weighed in on what ingredients constitute a perfect and classic martini.
"Before we discuss the findings we need to clear up a little matter" says Asimov. ... It's come to my attention that some people believe martinis are made with vodka" (my heart skipped a beat here, and I sat upright in my chair). . "I hate to get snobbish about it," he continues... "but a martini should be made with gin or it's not a martini. Call it a vodkatini if you must, but not a martini. Gin and vodka have as much in common hierarchically as President and Vice President." Wha'?? It actually matters???
This is where I damn near had a breakdown and wanted to ask if I could be excused to leave work early! I had to take a few, deep inhalations of breath before I could continue reading Asimov's article. See, I always ordered my martinis with Grey Goose vodka, extra dirty, extra olives! I mean, Asimov did attempt to placate my ignorance by suggesting that vodka can, at times, fill in for gin, but then he pissed on my hopes when he opined that it generally makes a poor sub for martinis and all other gin cocktails. *sigh*
How could I not have known this?? How could all the bartenders who grew to recognize me and my expectant face, and were supposedly well versed in martini knowledge, not have hipped me to this fact? How could they stand by idly, making small talk with me, and not state that gin made a far superior (and genuine) martini than Grey Goose?
I feel like such a hypocrite... thinking of all the times I scoffed at other bar patrons, ordering their Appletinis, Cosmos and fake other 'tini drinks. I fancied myself a straight-up, no frills, martini lover (I make an exception for the Espresso'tini or cocktail, rather). I feel... had. I feel like re-doing my martini drinking days all over again, just so I can get it right. I have to do them all over again! As horrified as I am by my own martini-ignorance, I learned a great deal from this article. Even certain types of gin make a less than stellar martini. Who knew that the stuff was infused with botanicals and spices such as; cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, licorice, and the like? That Juniper was the primary element that separated gin from vodka? Certainly not I. At least I can take solace in knowing that I've never ordered my martinis sans vermouth! Something that would probably prompt me to have to crawl under a moist rock, if that were the case.
I don't think that it's too late for me to redeem myself. Just thinking on the possibilities my newfound martini epiphany has opened up, excites me... Tanqueray, Beefeater, Bombay Sapphire. ...It's not too late.
**Note: Read Bigger Than Your Head, for another martini rant.