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September 26, 2009


Friday I had a thorough good time. In fact, I was saturated in the stuff ... Today? It's all about being lazy, catching up on some DVDs, music, and reading. Despite the gorgeous day out. Lounging indoors can be equally as gorgeous.

April 11, 2009

Lazy Bones Jones

I am in desperate need of coffee. It's about 10:18AM and I've yet to peel myself off the chaise lounger (it's so comfy) to go make some. I'll shift or move a little bit, to no avail. I end up laying back down. How am I typing this? I have the laptop next to me, resting comfortably on a lazy leopard print floor pillow, sillies. These lazy days are so divine, except, they can be a little bit of a nuisance, when you need to actually get up to do or prepare something.
Totally inane, I know, but these things matter to me. Coffee is a large part of my existence. Which is why I should get up and go make some ... Maybe I'll make an omelet while I'm there. ... Being lazy is hard work if you're luxuriating properly.