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January 13, 2008


So, I completed the first full week at my new job. The people are personable, encouraging, and extremely helpful, and I look forward to working with them and actually moving forward and growing, after an extended period of time. Morale seems to be positive, no one comes in with pinched looks on their faces, and it's good to be someplace where there's potential to move up and learn, and the people aren't possessive, petty, rude, or conniving and actually foster a healthy work environment. Moreover and most importantly, I have my own workspace and have furnished it with two plants and a candy jar filled with sweet treats. It has been busy and there's plenty for me to do. I definitely hit the ground running. They showed no mercy and I quickly learned how to get into the swing of things. Fast paced is always good. On a stank note, I celebrated the completion of that week with a nasty case of food poisoning. Oh yes. I spent the bulk of my weekend vomming out the days' contents from my stomach, feeling hot & feverish, and sweating. I haven't eaten since Friday. I've only had water. My older sister made me some broth with brown rice. So in essence, there is no estrangement. It involves too much hard work and energy and I'm just too lazy to exert that much time and effort into something petty, and risk scattering my forces. I tried, but only lasted a few days. So eff it. Best to fight (like we frequently do) and move the eff on. I've two sisters and don't relish being out on the ledge all by my lonesome. No matter how much and how often we get on one another's nerves. I'm going to go lie down for a spell longer because while the worst of my ailment has subsided, there is still some gurgling and dull cramps in the pit of my stomach. Pardon me for saying this at the risk of speaking ill of a massive chain, but I think I shan't EVER eat another donut or drink any coffee from Dunkin Donuts ever again.

November 27, 2006

On Bloat

Well, this Thanksgiving holiday found me overindulging in family, friends, and lots of raucous laughter. The BFF visited, and much catching up was done, wonderful trinkets were distributed, overeating ensued, and possession of spirits and wine found us “touched” as we fell out laughing, insulted one another in jest, discovered cool new haunts in our travels, made stupid faces in our inebriation, made lots of noise as we caught up with one another and exchanged gossip, and capped it off with a lovely jazz brunch, complete with mimosas, espresso, and tea.

The train wreck known as Michael Richards (aka KKKramer) slowly dissipated from my mind, as I enjoyed the company of my very best friend. The debauchery was relatively decorous and manageable, and we were able to carry on coherent conversations during our possession.

I awoke this morning sans pajamas, tangled up in a sheet, stiff, with burning eyes (because I was too lazy to wash off my mascara), and with a dry mouth; sour from the remnants of the prior night’s wine consumption and the Djarum clove ciggie I smoked. Upon my return to work- (I was tempted to call in “sick,” so as to catch up on some sleep)- Lunch was very light fare : A Lean Pocket and a small side salad, followed by a dessert of sliced kiwi and more black coffee. The recovery process from this weekend was gradual, and I must say, considering that I’m a very voluptuous woman or “thick” as they say, bloat does not wear well on me, at’all. Since I’m not a follower of the Hollywood Diet Plan: ciggies, cocaine, Jamba Juice and/or Starbucks, I decided not to skip any meals, opting to have a banana and a large bowl of black coffee for Breakfast to start my day.

It’s amazing how invigorating laughter and good company are. I look forward to New Year’s Eve.