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June 21, 2013

Paula's Best Dishes: Southern Fried Racism

Unless you live under a moist rock or just don’t have any excess time to stay abreast of viral news, Paula Deen has come under fire… again. And this time the type of flame that’s been ignited is ferocious enough to take out an entire forest. In the event you’re reading this and still happen to be perplexed, a simple Google search of her name will get you up-to-speed.

Anyway, as expected, America’s purveyor of butter, lasagna sandwiches, and deep-fried fare had a N*gger-gate moment and has incited the media and various social networking platforms to chorus: courtesy of an explosive deposition—(following a $1.2 million lawsuit filed against her last year by a former employee, for stressful work conditions fraught with errant sexual harassment and racism)­— in which Deen basically admits that she and her p.o.s. brother, Bubba Hiers, are racists, and that she allowed sexist, inappropriate, and racially charged language and behavior in her place of business.