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July 07, 2013

Documentary Films: Nana Agyapong's 'L.A. Woman Rising'

L.A. Woman Rising, an arthouse/experimental documentary by Los Angeles-based artist and director  Nana Agyapong (known professionally as Nana Ghana), and with original poems and narration by actor James Franco, follows 50 diverse women waking for the day in ‘The City of Angels’ and their A.M. rituals. They are not only waking up to start the day, they are rising to give life to their respective dreams. 

Through successful crowdfunding on  Kickstarter and other fundraising efforts, 
Nana Agyapong was able to complete her project: a simple idea that was inspired by The Doors’ song L.A. Woman. But Agyapong’s film seems to represent something that extends far beyond what The Doors envisioned as the quintessential Los Angelista.