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February 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: More Dani Arranka!

Performance artist and Androgynie Extraordinaire, Dani Arranka is back with a new video for his song, "Smoke and Mirrors," directed by Charles Quiles and The Terrible Child-- (which features ID Discovery Channel-worthy vignettes).

 I, honestly, enjoy keeping up with Dani's latest projects and keeping abreast of his various collaborations. He's simply difficult  to ignore and is adamant about who he is and the direction he's headed as he carves out his own niche in The Big Apple by way of the Land of Steady Habits (perhaps the place that was least conducive to his art)...

Also, in an interesting mini-documentary; Dani and a collective of other creatives who've christened themselves the new, more contemporary incarnations of Andy Warhol's Factory denizens (perhaps with Dani as the Edie Sedgwick of the group, to Charles Quiles's Andy Warhol), explain how they came to find each other and gradually live as a unit in New York City. The short feature documents a day in the life of the larger-than-life group as they riff off one another, ride the pulse of NYC's nightlife, and help record Dani's upcoming album. Check it out...

**As an added bonus... check out this excerpt from Andy Warhol's 1965 experimental film-- (based on the novel A Clockwork Orange), Vinyl.

December 09, 2011

Lose It!

Photo by Charles Quiles
I really admire anybody who is unapologetic about being who they are, especially in the name of the arts. It seems that the concept of living and letting live is increasingly becoming extinct in this current climate of bullying, homophobia, race baiting, and woman bashing. It's enough to make me want to lose it...

Like the otherworldly unicorn that he is, enter fearless performance artist, visionary, and singer/songwriter Dani Arranka. This past spring, I wrote about Dani after attending his Born Day party and music video premiere for his catchy tune, Be Like Me. Fabulous and confident about who he is, but never arrogant or ungracious, Dani's popularity was undeniable then, as I watched the packed venue lose their shit when he performed. I definitely see the appeal. There's an intangible quality about his carefully cultivated persona... The French call it a certain je ne sais quoi. Now a New York transplant, Dani Arranka is poised to take over the club scene and capture the hearts of the NYC underground with his sexy new song, Lose It.

I Google+'ed the song to a friend and she immediately fell in love, re-tweeting it on her Twitter timeline. The syncopated beat is indeed, infectious. I picture a packed club, with sweaty revelers touching themselves on the dance floor and thrusting their pelvises in slow motion when I listen to it (I have an active imagination, OK?). The behind-the-scenes promo video/photo shoot, directed by photographer Charles Quiles, shows Dani playfully frolicking with sultry Argentinean male supermodel, Alejandro Salgueiro. And it's hot. It definitely conveys the tone of the song. "Lose It is being remixed for the club scene soon!!" Dani said enthusiastically via email. "Lacorey produced the track, along with all my others!" 

I definitely look forward to hearing a remixed version of the track. In the meantime, lose your chonies listening to --> Lose It and be jealous as you peep the panty leche inducing promo video, featuring Alejandro...