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July 22, 2012

Black Folks Don't Do Atheism, But This One Does

The one looming thing that has always been an enduring force in the Black community (since slavery was abolished), is the Black Church. The Black Church comes in several different denominations and almost seems to be a given, if you're part of the Diaspora and specifically if you're Black-American. While it may not always come up during casual conversations, it's always assumed that if you're Black, you belong to a church, or that you're in-between different congregations while you weigh your options trying to find the perfect one to suit your needs and sensibilities. As a young(er) adult, I always loathed the question, "So, what church do you belong to?" because I didn't and don't.

I would always dance around the question or come up with some evasive answer to placate the query because potential friendships, opportunities, or social settings always seemed contingent upon whether or not I attended a church or if I'd be willing (without question) to attend a prospective friend's church or religious gathering under the guise of a candle or jewelry party. I've never alluded to or written about my religious affiliations or lack thereof because, quite frankly, I never felt comfortable having these sorts of conversations and I just didn't and don't think it's anybody's business. 

Whenever the topic of religion would casually make its way into my interactions, I'd often go out of my way to pacify people's egos (at the expense of my own ego and comfort) and feign interest with the proverbial "I don't go to church, but I'm a spiritual person" canned answer. I've never been religious, even as a young girl, or had any inclination to perform the rituals of worship. I'm finally comfortable enough to publicly state this fact about myself, and have been so for a while. Perhaps age has emboldened me.