Coffee Rhetoric: Andreya Triana
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August 03, 2012

Friday's Ear-bug: Andreya Triana, Live at Cafe Oto, London

The drums, the bass, and of course... Andreya. Good music to play in the background while writing, driving, prepping to go out, sipping wine or anytime. I've yet to come across an Andreya Triana song I don't enjoy listening to or playing in the background while I'm feeling reflective about something or other; this includes her collaborations with Bonobo and Flying Lotus as well. This happens to be one of my favorite live performances by her, to watch.

 Ride safely and have a great weekend...

March 14, 2012

These and Those: Spring Has Sprung an Early Leak

This winter seemed to fly by with relative ease (save for the Halloween Nor'easter and subsequent CT Light & Power clusterfuck that ensued). It's been relatively mild and there were virtually no blizzards or ice storms to speak of. None of this bothered me. Spring seemed to hover in the air, never really departing, but merely looking over our shoulders, lightly breathing on our necks. And so now it's March, we've lost an hour and today was the temperature reached 70 degrees.
Something about spring or the mere idea of it looming in the air, improves my mood... even when I'm in the throes of brooding and feeling especially anti-social.

Needless to say, this song by Flying Lotus feat. Andreya Triana-- (who I'm a huge fan of), is definitely a nice complement to the weather...