Coffee Rhetoric: This Much I KNOW is True...

June 08, 2007

This Much I KNOW is True...

  • Star(mega)bucks in downtown Hartford, is a yuppie magnet and it puts me off. Hearing them utter the Starbucks lingo is irritating and prompts me to defiantly ask for a COFFEE OF THE DAY, MEDIUM SIZE PLEASE, as opposed to repeating the toolish,
    "I'd like a venti soy orange frappacinno mochachokalottayaya thingimastuff with extra foam and skim milk."
  • I also know that spilling scalding hot coffee down my gauchos, on a particularly hot day isn't soothing to my soul or my thighs.
  • I know that Paris Hilton's release from prison after having served a paltry 3-5 days (of her 23 day sentence), for undisclosed medical reasons (idiocy?) is indicative of there being TWO different realities in this country. One for the rich, blonde, & famous and one for US
  • I know that Cat's new whip is hot and that I had fun joyriding around town with her, this past weekend. I also know that having to use my feminine wiles and my voluptuosity to get her a decent parking spot, from the parking attendants across the street from my building, should NOT have had to happen. They needn't have asked us if we wanted some of their chicken afterward, because they were "African." The offer didn't do anything to placate either of us, so we declined. Apparently assholism spans a wide spectrum, I KNOW this to be true. I keep hearing the James Brown "It's a Man's World" tune playing in my head, when I think of this incident.
  • I also know that I don't like being called "dear" by women close to my own age. It's condescending.
That's it.