Coffee Rhetoric: A Bus Tale and Random other Gripe

April 05, 2007

A Bus Tale and Random other Gripe

Being a rider of public transportation there is one trend that I wish would end. It's usually (in my experiences) apparent in the early A.M., this trend. An obnoxious fetor that seeps right into the heart of one's olfactory nerve... finding a comfy little spot to nestle in for the duration of the morning, no matter how much you blow your nose to get rid of the stench, post ride. A fierce kind of musty B.O. ... dancing a fervid tango with stinking morning breath. The two smells mixing betwixt and between one another, finally creating a noxious parfum not likely to be bottled and sold in any fine department store or boutique. Is it so hard to brush your teeth, floss, gargle and scrape your tongue in the morning? More importantly, to soap up the ol' P.T.A. or D. ? (I'll let you figure out what P.T.A. and D represents). Soap and water, followed by some deodorant, never hurt anybody, well no bodies that I know of anyway. A mint, some Orbit, a spritz of binaca... it's all relative and these minute details tend to work a lot of the time. These smells can be distracting and can intercept your thoughts, particularly when someone pops a squat right next to you, breathing in your direction, burning the fine hairs in your nose and melting carefully applied gloss, no matter how far your turn your face away. *sigh* Since when did leaving your house, smelling like hot trash on a hot, humid summer morn, become all the rage?? Perhaps I didn't receive the memo or some coded language got lost in translation. Anyway, I went on a job interview today (at a law firm) and did not come away with a soothed soul. The interviewers were rather, well, rude. I had no idea who they were, because they never identified themselves. Neither of them shook my hand pre or post interrogation, they were dressed rather inappropriately, and they didn't strike me as being experienced in the interview department. I had my coat on during the whole ordeal, which I quickly brought to a close. I left it on purposely. Neither of them asked me to take it off nor did they offer me a place to hang it. The pay sucked, and is slightly less than I make now. They offer a 401K plan, major holidays off, and insurance coverage. That aside, they were basically wanting me to start STAT. One of the primary things that turned me off the most, was when one of the interviewers spoke ill of the person that left the position vacant. Saying she wasn't fast enough, and just did not "work up to par." Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been on enough interviews and to enough workshops of the like, to know that during an interview, you aren't supposed to trash your former place of employment, when asked why you left. I assume the same rule would apply those conducting the interview as well. According to this site You're supposed to put the candidate at ease, greet us warmly, introduce all members conducting the interview, and give the candidate time to think about the answers to questions you've asked us... those suggestions among a bunch of other, pertinent and professional ones. Needless to say, they were vague and brusque in their questions as well as to their answers to mine... basically wanting to know if I could "cut and paste" on the computer (who can't??) and if I work fast. Long story short, these unpleasant, twisted and mealy mouthed C.U.Next Tuesdays, wanted to hire a work horse to labor for chump change, who would keep her gob shut, not make eye contact, not develop any work rapport with colleagues, and to not ask too many questions about the tasks. I think I'm going to decline and resume my search.