Coffee Rhetoric: Puppy Love

March 28, 2007

Puppy Love

A couple of days ago, while en route home, I happened upon a little boy and a little girl all of about 7 years old. Ponytail hanging past her shoulders, the little girl ran around a telephone pole, giggling sheepishly as she was being chased by the little boy. She had olive colored skin, long dark hair with tendrils at her temples, and a pink shirt. It just happened to be gorgeous outside. The scene was somewhat cheesy and surreal, really. I rubber necked and watched, as the little girl ran around in a circle around that pole, pink baby doll shirt flying behind her as she flicked her ponytail over her shoulder, squealing and laughing as she tried to escape the young lothario. Hers was the kind of cute, that guaranteed a transition into a comely, young woman. The little boy, brown skinned, with a striped tee shirt on, chuckled as he chased her... pleased with himself even. He was determined to catch his intended, as he ran after her... and around that pole... arms outstretched, hoping to grasp some part of her. He was a handsome little devil... the type of handsome that would allow him to morph into an attractive young man, who would make young women blush and look away from him sheepishly when he accosted them. While the scene was indeed cheesy, it was cute. Cute in its innocence. I watched the two laughing... the young Casanova and pursuee. Hopefully, in about a decade, this young woman wont have to navigate the choppy maze that is dating. Perhaps courtship and chivalry, as it once was and should be, will have made a come back and she wont have to lament over its complexities, as many of us now do. Perhaps the mysteries of love wont be so elusive.