Coffee Rhetoric: Party People part Deux: Pre-New Years Festivities...

January 17, 2007

Party People part Deux: Pre-New Years Festivities...

All of these pictures are courtesy of Cat and her new digital camera, because I forgot to bring mine- (so if they're tight and small, blame her)- They document our pre-New Years Eve celebration with friends and new found lovelies we met at The Russell, while helping send off a colleague and friend of ours, who accepted a job at another museum.This was hours before I had to lay the pimp slaps down on Cat with my leather gloved hand... both cheeks, thank you very much. Looong story! Anyway, this is one of my favorite places to go. The people, the decor, the food, and the staff are so personable, easy on the eyes, and genuine. If you happen upon this blog, and see your picture exploited, please don't fret. You look great!
A colleague of mine (who's a striking red-head and a pleasure to socialize with, might I add) and Coffey. Enjoying some delectable carrot cake. This slice was so huge, FOUR of us were able to share it!
A colleague of mine, the beautiful bartendress, a lovely young lady we chatted with @ The Russell, Cat, and Coffey.
A sophisticate, a hottie (who thought I was a lesbo, because I said the sophisticate was a MILF, until I told him how much I adored men), and the sophisticate's lovely daughter. These people were so personable. We struck up an interesting conversation with them all!
One colleague, another former colleague of mine (who'll be sorely missed), Cat, and Coffey. Note to Cat: I need that pashmina in my life! Think about it!
The table in my apartment, just because. The wine and cheese are actually candles!
More of the cool wine and cheese candles, from another angle.