Coffee Rhetoric: Party People

December 18, 2006

Party People

Sobriety (cough-cough): Told in no particular order, because I don't recall the sequence of things.
Cat and I; For once I'm not wearing black. But I am here...
... and here, but I'm being edged out of the photo by Cat's selfishness, Dreamgirls style!
... But I am triumphant in this shot... sort of, well... one of my eyes is.
And in this one... despite the bad case of Wonkey Eye...
...and Wonkey Breasts (looks as if I'm carrying a triple F cup, what the hell kind of bra am I wearing!)... and at least I'm not in the middle, because that would've been sooo cliche... but the woman in the middle got her hot ensemble fitted for her in France.
But alas, I fall prey to the cliche, and find myself wedged in the middle.
This here, being modeled by Cat, is a magick drink that holds mystical properties!
... made of rare ingredients, taken from a shelf just like this, and mixed by a mystic, or witch doctor, if you will...
Cat's being selfish again! But the pretty woman on the right triumphs, Effie style!
Not a black sweater, I think it's the same sweater in the first chapter. Was that the same day?? Was the first installment P.M.? Is this A.M.? I dunno.
This is what sober looks like.