Low Expectations: The Problems with Black Excellence and Black Girl Magic

First, I've just realized that it's probably a good idea to start posting my YouTube content to this blog with some insight. Once I dipped my toe into YouTube content creation, it never occurred to me to share some of that here. Shortly, I'll start uploading some of the YouTube commentaries I've done over the past several months onto Coffee Rhetoric. Today, I'll begin by posting someone else's content.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a conversation with a YouTube content creator named houstonbred for her podcast 'low expectations' with the tagline "an experimental series about giving less of a fuck," which I wholeheartedly endorse. We unpacked the problematic tropes and modalities associated with movements like "Black Girl Magic" and "Black Excellence." It was followed up with an after-episode live-stream conversation to further engage. Check my time out over at houstonbred's channel, where I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

I stopped entertaining collaborations and contributing my intellectual or creative labor to other platforms outside my own corners of social media, but this was an exception I was happy to make. Oh, and Happy Belated New Year!