Social Life

I've been sharing my quest to regain my footing ... to get back on track. To finally expunge ... to purge the last remnants of this year's shaky start that projectile vomited all over me, like a body in the throes of a demonic takeover.
Try as I might, I can't seem to move forward full speed ahead. There always seems to be some road block I can't push through. Some that refuses to open, when I ring its bell repeatedly. And so I am determined, more than ever, to kick doors in and make my presence known. While trying to wedge my foot in the proverbial 9- to-5 crack, I am still adamant about catapulting the Coffee Rhetoric brand to new heights in the process. I want to use this blog and all it entails, to create and gain new opportunities. I have noticed fellow writers who blog and just plain ol' bloggers, being offered opportunities from well known publications and being featured as media pundits and guest columnists in various magazines and newspapers. I definitely think I am qualified to get a piece of some of this action, and that it has been long overdue.  I put a lot of blood, sweat, and definitely a lot of tears into this project, and so I have been pounding the pavement (and a couple of drinks) even harder, in a bid to network, hand out cards, get to know those who know the right people who can get me writing gigs and who gives a damn about hungry, aspiring artists of sorts. I want the word to be spread like cream cheese on a toasted, whole wheat bagel. 
I must admit, I was offered the opportunity to take about five seconds of camera time, by a news crew while out. Perfect time to plug my blog! Alas, I was camera shy and shrunk away from the offer. While socializing with a newly acquired friend, I couldn't help but notice him throwing the word "socialite" around a lot. He mentioned that he fancies himself a "socialite." I told him that when I thought of the word "socialite" I had visions of rich people dancing in my head. "You don't have to be rich to be a socialite. I'm poor but I still consider myself one," he opined. "I know a lot of people, and have been able to network and get into a lot of cool events for free. And opportunities have come up," he continued. 
I considered this for a moment. I've been running it around in my head for a spell and realized this is exactly what I've been doing. Networking, being recognized slowly but surely by local people, many of whom are in the mix and established, being called by name when I attend happy hours and eating establishments for any networking or social events. I am a socialite dammit. This knowledge has prompted me to force my way in. I would love to finally be in a place where I don't need to be in someone's office unless I feel like it, dealing with some micro-managing, passive-aggressive voice of authority, who has no idea how to delegate, interact, and or the politics. 


Anonymous said...

I wanna be you. I think being a socialite would be RIGHT up my alley just about now.

TiffJ said...

I'm a broke socialite though. LOL. I've decided to start calling myself one nonetheless. ... :-)

Brunhilda said...

Keep at it. If anyone deserves to write for publications, it's you. I have a feeling you'll get your way, and then I can say, I knew her back when :)

rubyphoenix (Tianna Glass) said...

I agree with you! I think of myself as a socialite, especially in the lesbian lifestyle. I'm trying to make that transfer over to the General Hartford sect as well. I just need the money to buy a $2 drink!