NOT. The. One.

As my ears are forced to listen to the torturous, auto-tuned enhanced song Mariah Carey warbles about Eminem (allegedly) being obsessed and upset with her- (the airwaves and media has been saturated with the contents of this song, one can't help hearing about it... even if one isn't even listening to the radio)- I'm left wondering; Why IS he so obsessed with her? Is his ego that fragile that he is incapable of letting go of an alleged fling that happened many moons ago? Is he so immature that he has to assassinate Mimi's character with lyrics that're asinine and borderline violent? Thanks to romantic and poetic songs such as Eminem's "Bagpipes of Baghdad" which prompted Mariah's "Obsessed" (he asked for it), which then bred Eminem's "Warning" as a response, the public (those of us who finds his misogynistic vitriol boring) gets to roll its eyes collectively.
Eminem's desperation and egocentric need to latch on to the past seems flagrantly obvious (to me anyway). And NO I'm not a Mariah Carey fan, NO I don't care about either of them, and YES I am late to the party featuring the adagio dance between these two, especially since the novelty of 'Obsessed' has all but worn off, but the issue serves as a good point of reference for the initial point of this post, so work with it, as it is somewhat reminiscent of a recent turn of events, and have left me wondering why some men (and women, I'm fair) can't seem to move on with their lives if a woman, as politely and delicately as she can, declines their advances, say they aren't interested in them, or say they're interested in or dating someone else. The world is saturated with millions of other available women who may be better looking, more charismatic, more witty, and more sexual, but because rejection is a hard pill to swallow for some, they obsess and antagonize the one who isn't interested in their companionship.
Listen, logging onto certain social networking sites to doggedly email, IM with ridiculous requests and questions, or agitate the object of your affection and calling yourself sneering with mocking & unfunny jokes, and bragging about your accolades so she realizes what she's giving up is NOT the way. Behavior like that is unbecoming. It's obnoxious, annoying, and it speaks volumes about one's self-importance and why you may (or may not, who knows?... who cares?) still be single to begin with. Rejection might cause one to experience a feeling of dejection however, everyone is NOT going to want you or care about your stature. Get over it. Life is too short... so moving on and exploring other dating prospects and more pertinent and worthwhile activities would seem to be the likeliest options.
Please get over yourself and stop with the antagonistic and obnoxious behavior. That is all.


The Bitchy Waiter said...

So glad you like my blog. makes me happy. Well, less bitchy anyway.

Lingerie said...

Nice posts and very full fun of blog.


Anonymous said...

I think they should lock the two of them in a room together until only one comes out. Then, I *still* won't buy that person's albums.

Oh, but God, could you imagine if they some how got along in there, and procreated? ...shudder...

I imagine the resultant child would be so self absorbed they would swallow themselves whole.

TiffJ said...

@hightirritable: Oh goddess. I shudder to think. The visual of Eminem and Mariah possibly procreating just gave me a stomach quake. Ugh. lol.